Sports and Social Injustice: Embrace the Activism


Over the past few years, there have been players across the sports landscape that have brought light to the struggles that face this nation when it comes to Social Injustice. Whether it’s Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s National Soccer team fighting for fair pay or Colin Kaepernick kneeling the National Anthem for social injustice after acts of Police brutality. Everyone in this nation has the right to voice/express their opinions and fight for what they believe. It’s our duty as Americans to listen to these individuals, understand their stories and positions, and help bring about change to the system we have in place because it definitely isn’t perfect! It blows my mind how these acts of patriotism get viewed negatively in a country that takes pride in being the “The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”.

The fact of the matter is the US Women’s National Soccer team is the best soccer team in the world in their respective sport, and they probably would give the US Men’s National team a run for their money in a match. It would definitely be competitive on the field, so why aren’t these women getting paid competitive wages!? It’s tough to really pinpoint the real reason for this difference, but it sure doesn’t make any sense! It’s not just women in sports that are being profiled for wages, it’s all over the business landscape as well.

In more recent news, the death of George Floyd has brought back questions/concerns regarding ‘Racism in America’. There is no doubt that racism is still a real problem in the United States. The U.S.A is home to one of the most diversified populations in the world because of the freedoms that we “say” to provide people from other countries. For some Americans, it only takes one bad action from a specific group for people to start labeling and viewing them in a negative light and that doesn’t take long to escalate into hate crimes. If we don’t have the resources in place to manage the people of this country, then why keep allowing people to enter this country!? By doing this, our country is putting its people and system in a position to fail!

There is so much talent already in America, yet business owners still go after the cheapest, most affordable labor – which comes from other countries. Yes, slavery is still alive and well in this country, although it doesn’t get the attention it deserves either. It’s incredibly sad that some Americans are just okay with watching these events unfold and don’t care to address these problems in the system. I know most of us have it “good” and haven’t had to deal with the hardships that others have had to endure, but for God sake America it’s time to rise up and show some heart! Every life matters and it’s time to start treating everyone with the equality and respect they deserve.

I certainly hope sports get up and running here soon! Because some of the realest leaders this country has to offer make their livings on the pitch/field, ice, court and diamond. It will be interesting to see how the recent events play into sports getting back up and running. I’m sure a lot of players are starting to get the feel that this world needs them to take the stage!

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