Should the Seahawks change Defensive Schemes?

Coming into the season there was concern about the Seahawks defense in terms of personnel. We knew the bright spots would be Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright, but the addition of Jamal Adams has helped. However, Seattle has struggled all season with pass rush which has lead to one of the worst defenses in the league.

Obviously it’s probably too late now, but I think the Seahawks with their current personnel is better suited for a 3-4 scheme compared to the current 4-3. We have seen week after week the pass rush isn’t there, so why not put more athleticism on the field?? Potentially putting Shaquem Griffin or Mychal Kendricks at Outside Linebacker with KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks?

The Seahawks seem lost defensively, so why not try something new and see if it better suits your personnel? Especially with the matchup tomorrow against Kyler Murray and the Cardinals, we have to contain his running and keep him in the pocket.

Come on Seahawks, Russell Wilson is now trying to do too much because the defense has been absolutely terrible. Play to your strengths!

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