Seahawks Sunday: What would you like to see the Seahawks do this offseason?

After a somewhat disappointing end to the 2020 season, the Seahawks made immediate changes to the coaching staff. They fired Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenhemier on January 12th stating “scheme fit” was the issue regarding his release. Russell Wilson immediately responded on Twitter thanking Schotty for being his OC the last few seasons. Statistically, Russell Wilson put up some strong numbers, especially early on in the season.

The Seahawks seem a little lost right now as an organization. They put a ton of money into Russell Wilson, but since that time the Seahawks haven’t returned to the Super Bowl. My friend, Malcolm Stout, has been critical of Russell Wilson for quite some time now and honestly it might be best for the Seahawks to field trade inquiries involving Russell Wilson. The cap hit on Wilson is restricting the Seahawks from keeping other talented players in house, while also limiting what they can do in free agency. Russell Wilson wasn’t the primary reason the Seahawks made the Super Bowl in 2014 and 2015, so why is he getting paid like the primary beneficiary?

We all know following the Seahawks that a big part of those championship teams were the Legion of Boom and Beast Mode. We have seen players like Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman take on roles elsewhere. It’s pretty sad to see players get undervalued because of their respective positions. Quarterbacks are important, but obviously not that important when Colin Kaepernick is still not employed by the NFL. He has a resume as a quarterback that is much greater than most currently employed at the QB position. Just saying.

I would love to see the Seahawks bring back players like Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch. These guys were fan favorites and are looking for another shot at a Championship. I don’t care about their performance on the field given their current age. I value guys higher when you understand how they are respected by the locker room. Sherman was always coaching in the secondary because he knew the guys around him needed to be better when he was only getting targeted a handful of times each game. Marshawn made defenses aware of his presence with his punishing body blows. There aren’t many backs in the league anymore, outside of Derrick Henry, where you know they are going to get you 3-4 yards when you need it most.

It’s time to get back to being champions and renewing relationships with former friends and running mates! GO HAWKS!!

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