Mariners Mondays: Mather resigns as Mariners President

To start off, I would like to say it’s about damn time!! The Mariners have been terrible for far too long and it’s obvious why when you have owners like Kevin Mather, who in the following video you will see how selfish and money blinded he is. I don’t know anyone within the organization on a personal level, but looking as an outsider it doesn’t take much to see that there is a problem internally.

(Video from YouTube)

Having watched the video, I am glad Mather stepped down from his position. The Mariners are in better hands with someone else in control of the team. We will see how the team responds now with Spring Training kicking off this upcoming weekend.

On a brighter note, welcome back to the team – James Paxton. Can’t wait to see you and the Maple Grove out at T-Mobile Park. This team is young and talented and it’s now time for the prospects that Mather didn’t think highly of to shine in the lights of T-Mobile Park. Bring ’em up!!

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