Trail Blazer Tuesdays: Phoenix dominates Portland

The Portland Trail Blazers have a talented roster there is no denying that, but this season they just haven’t been firing on all cylinders for some reason. Last night’s contest against Phoenix shows again that the Blazers have a long way to go if they want to contend for the title.

Looking at the stat line from last night’s contest there are several things that jump off the sheet. First of which were the turnovers – Blazers turned the ball over 16 times. Second of which, you aren’t going to win many games when you don’t share the ball. Portland only had 15 assists on the game, which seems extremely low.

The defense wasn’t very good either. The Sun’s shot over 50% from the floor and put up 132 points on the Trail Blazers. I understand offense is the sexy thing in today’s NBA, but without defense and physicality you’re really not going to amount to much against LeBron James and Anthony Davis in Los Angeles.

You’ve got to tip your cap to Devin Booker and the Phoenix Sun’s, they have been playing excellent basketball this season. The Blazers just need to get healthy, missing McCollum is hurting the offensive production.

(Video from YouTube)

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